Say Aloha to Some New Products

Our subscribers have already heard the news; now it’s time to let the world know. Otter Things is releasing some new products in May, just in time for World Otter Day.

We recently gave a few hints on social media, so you may have an idea of what we have planned. But if you needed help to figure it out or were otterly busy, Hawaiian Shirts are coming!

Our Hawaiian shirts have a flowy, comfortable fit, a left-hand patch pocket, a Cuban collar, and a full-front coconut button closure.

With many details of traditional Hawaiian shirts, they are perfect for any Aloha Friday at the office or for chillin’ in the backyard.

Best of all, they’re easy to care for—wash and wear.

Besides creating a Hawaiian shirt with our beloved Sea Otter Tie-Dye pattern, we added a new design to our list of otter-inspired wares.

Otters In Waves, created by our owner and illustrator, was inspired by the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) off the coast of Scotland. This design is a fun repeating pattern of river otters frolicking in the surf. Why not frolic with them?

We officially release our Hawaiian shirts on May 15th for our Hawaii 5-0 World Otter Day Sale.

Mark your calendars to take advantage of free shipping store-wide for orders $50 and up.

Otters In Waves Unisex Hawaiian Shirt


Available in May for World Otter Day.

SKU: A11P52C69S00 Categories: ,
Brand: Otter Things
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Sea Otter Tie-Dye Unisex Hawaiian Shirt


SKU: A11P93C69S00 Categories: ,
Brand: Otter Things
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