Good News on the Horizon

I know it’s been kind of depressing watching the media lately, so I wanted to give you a little good news to brighten your day. Many businesses are opening up, and my printing associates are able to work a little faster with the increased number of facilities and employees.

What does that mean for you, the otter lover? Well, fulfillment and shipping times are getting better. Most of my wares are ready to print and out the door. If you are wanting something right away, I recommend purchasing my wall art, mugs, or phone cases. It will take a smidge longer to get my apparel, totes, and pillows, but the fulfillment times have dramatically improved since May.

As we move forward, things will only improve. I will keep you, my otter loving customer, informed of any updates in fulfillment, products, and sales.

For now, take some advice from an otter: keep your whiskers (or hands) clean, take some time to play, stay active, and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. Most importantly, be otterly amazing!

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