New Pen & Ink River Otter Design

Pen & Ink River Otter Head Ad with Ink Splot

I was recently asked by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to create an illustration for their annual Habitat Stamp. This year’s drawing was a Barred Owl in pen and ink style. You can learn more about the project on my illustration site.

Cropped illustration of Barred Owl by A. T. Baron, commissioned by NYDEC.

After finishing the project, I was energized to create some more works. It was only a matter of time before I finished a pen and ink of an otter. Now my new illustration, “Pen & Ink River Otter Head,” is available as wearable art at Otter Things.

[product_hero layout=”right” background_img=”” width=”full” full_height=”0″ background_size=”cover” overlay_color=”000000″ overlay_opacity=”0.25″ product_id=”6519″ parallax=”0″ heading_text_color=”#eeeeee” description_text=”Show off a little pen and ink with this new design. This latest illustration is great as wearable art.” description_text_color=”#eeeeee”]

Check out the new product available now at Otter Things and keep your eyes peeled for more featuring my new design.

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