New Pen & Ink Sea Otter Design

If you like my recent products with my Pen & Ink River Otter Head Design, you will like this next addition at Otter Things. I created the Pen & Ink Sea Otter Head Design in the same style as my previous design but with a different species. Although sea otters are larger than river otters, they are the smallest marine mammal.

[product_hero layout=”right” background_img=”” width=”full” full_height=”0″ background_size=”cover” overlay_color=”000000″ overlay_opacity=”0.75″ product_id=”6659″ parallax=”0″ heading_text_color=”#eeeeee” description_text=”Show off a little pen and ink with this new design. This latest illustration is great as wearable art.” description_text_color=”#eeeeee”]

This t-shirt is available in a selection of colors that show of the detailed design. Check out the new product available now at Otter Things and keep your eyes peeled for more featuring my new design.