Our Apparel Is Otter Snuggly

Did you know that otters have the densest fur of any animal? They have as many as a million hairs per square inch in places.

All those hairs make them really soft, but that doesn’t mean you should hug them. Even if you’re otter lovers like us, you should keep a safe distance from these cute wild creatures. Those soft otters have strong jaws, sharp teeth, and can be aggressive.

Luckily, you can show your love for otters with an Otter Things® t-shirt. We chose premium t-shirts for all of our designs. They’re super soft and great to snuggle up in.

What makes our selection of t-shirts so soft and otter snuggly? Well, each one is made from Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton. The Airlume process removes 2.5x more impurities than standard ring-spun cotton, and the longer cotton staples mean there are fewer stray fibers when the yarn is spun. This means each shirt has a smoother, softer feel. To top things off, their dyed using an eco-friendly dying process.

If you need something warmer, check out our snuggly hoodies and sweatshirts. Their relaxed fit is perfect for wearing on top of t-shirts and turtlenecks to keep you cozy on cooler days.

No matter what you choose to wear, when you get them at Otter Things, you are sure to have a unique otter-inspired look and be snuggle-ready. Otter wares for otter lovers.

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