Sea Otter Decor for Your Home

woman with wavy striped throw blanket with otters on it

Our Otter Things staff can’t fill their homes with enough otter paraphernalia, so we’re adding more otterly fun patterns to our houseware products. And it’s all in time for an upcoming sale.

Our super soft blankets and matching throw pillows are perfect for the otter lover. We can rest our heads, wrap ourselves in warmth, and smile at the whimsical otters filling our homes. We just added our Ocean Otter Gradient to them so that you can have waves of fun with this fabulous print.

Best of all, you can take advantage of many of them at a reduced price during Sea Otter Awareness Week!

All our wares with sea otters are 20% OFF from September 18-24 to celebrate our smallest marine mammal.

Whether it’s our Pen & Ink, Tie-Dye, or Holiday Sweatshirts (get them early for gift-giving season), it will be on sale if it’s got sea otters on it.

You can check out our Sea Otter Collection below if you’re unsure what’s included.

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