Sustainable Hydration

We love offering a wide selection of products at Otter Things, but we also want them to be useful and last a while. Our houseware items are designed with simple whimsy to fit into every otter lover’s life. From unique wall art to coffee mugs, we aim to fill that otter void. Well, we’ve added water bottles to that list.

Our new Stainless Steel Water Bottles are an eco-friendly way to show off your love for otters. Currently available with our new Ocean Otter Gradient design, they are a double-walled stainless steel vacuum flask and great for keeping your beverage of choice hot or cold for hours. Seriously, we ran them through some paces.

Our Otter Things team (aka my family and me) took them on a cross-country road trip to the Grand Canyon to see how they handled the hard knocks of life on and off the road. I saddled mine in the exterior pocket of my backpack, and it made it over 6000 miles in our vehicle wheel well under my legs or muscled over my shoulder while I schlepped my luggage. Once at the canyon, we hiked it 5 miles in and out of South Kaibab Trail, and it kept the water very refreshing.

Owner and Illustrator, A. T. Baron enjoying her new Ocean Otter Gradient Stainless Steel Water Bottle at the Grand Canyon, USA.

We even ran some more controlled experiments back at our headquarters to see just how long it kept liquids hot and cold. Our production company claims were 6 hours. We used ice water and boiling water in two separate tests. The bottle was filled and closed after noting the initial temperature of the water. It remained closed until the next temperature check. Here is what we found:


(Ambient Temp = 75 degrees F)


(Ambient Temp = 67 degrees F)

0 hours 33 degrees F 200 degrees F
6 hours 33 degrees F 157 degrees F
24 hours 49 degrees F 104 degrees F

We found the bottle held up to its claim and more, so we knew we had something otterly special. We can’t wait to add more illustrations to this fabulous product. Our stainless steel water bottle is a nice addition to our eco-friendly and sustainable line. It held up well to our wild adventures, and we are sure it will hold up to yours.

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