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Something for Your Little Otter Lover

Otter lovers come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in all ages, which is why I have added onesies to my product line.

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Wee otter lovers deserve to show off their passion for something just as cute as them. Babies can crawl, cruise, or just curl up for a nap in uniquely illustrated onesies.

Consider one that shows off your baby does well. My I Otter Be® Sleeping design fits that bill well.

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I will be adding more designs as time goes on, so keep up to date with the new arrivals by signing up to my blog.


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We Are Open for Business

Open 4 Business

It has been a long time coming, but the store if finally open. I have been diligently adding products and testing the site for any glitches. I wanted to have the store up and running by Thanksgiving, and we did it.

Due to time constraints, I made sure that I uploaded my most popular designs first, so I could open on time. Don’t worry if you don’t see one of your favorites though, I will continue adding my other designs to the site, but if you absolutely can’t wait, click on of the external links at the top of my site. While my older designs will still be available at Café Press and Zazzle, Only here at Otter Things, will you be able to get all my new creations. If you subscribe to my shop, you will be first to know when we have new designs, sales, and giveaways.

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For those that want to get apparel and wares as a special holiday gift for that otter lover in their life, order by December 1, and you should get it by Christmas.

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Play Ball!

Although you may be shoveling snow, baseball is in full swing. So to honor this beloved sport, I created an I Otter Be® design suggested by one of my customers, I Otter Be Playing Baseball.

IOB Playing Baseball previewYou can knock it out of the park with this little otter on a mug or t-shirt. He strikes a pose in his jersey and cap, and can’t wait to get up to bat. For those who keep stats on my illustrations, the number 10 is the same year I created this otter and now he is in the big league. Bill Veeck said it best with “There are only two seasons – winter and Baseball.” So, once you have dug out from the snow, put away that coat and shovel, grab that ball and bat, head out to the park and – Play Ball!