Custom Work: Otter Motivation

An elementary school gym teacher hired me to create a special design to mail to her students. Teaching young students physical education skills in person can be difficult, but it is even harder to do it virtually. She knew they struggled with self-motivation, so she wanted to inspire and encourage them to stay active while stuck at home.

The school recently chose an otter as their mascot, and she wanted to incorporate that into the design. When she happened upon Otter Things, she knew it was the perfect fit for her plans.

We discussed options for an otter partaking in activities that a child could do alone at home during these trying times. Add the school colors, and this is what we came up with for her kids.

You Otter Be Active Postcard for Students

This teacher went out of her way to reach out to her students. I’m honored to help such an otterly awesome teacher.

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