Looking For A Little Help

We are living in unprecedented and challenging times. Many of us are stuck at home and out of work. Others are on the front lines fighting to stave off this pandemic. Our nation’s economy is taking a huge hit, especially small businesses like mine.

The last thing I want to do is implore you to spend money that you need to save for other necessities, but I also refuse to let my business go gentle into that good night. No, I prefer to use this time to rest and ready myself for recovery.

When sea otters rest in the water, they reach for ones they trust and hold hands. This act prevents them from drifting apart and getting lost. That is what I am doing today. I am reaching out to you, past, present, and future otter-loving customers and asking for your help.

Angela T Baron, Otter Things™ owner and illustrator wearing her Sea Otter Pen and Ink Hoodie

I won’t ask you to spend a dime, just a little bit of your time. If you see a post here or on my social sites, please like, comment, or repost. This simple act helps my shop’s visibility online. For those that have purchased my products, please consider writing a review. Better yet, take a selfie with your otter wares and share them with others online using the hashtag #otterthings. You can also follow Otter Things on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

We may have to social distance, but we can still work together to make this world a better place—what better way to do that than share our love for otters. No matter what you otter be doing, please keep safe and well.

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