Updates On Fulfillment and Products

It has been a roller-coaster of a ride here at Otter Things. I continue to actively follow the latest developments of the pandemic and my manufacturing facilities. 

Since my products are mostly created in the United States and shipped from California and North Carolina, I am keeping abreast of each state’s policies for workers as the summer months slowly approach.

As of now, fulfillment times for many of my products are much longer than usual. My hope is to have them decrease rapidly as the economy opens up. You can find a chart and more information on when you can expect your order to arrive on my COVID-19 page.

I have also been researching what additional products I can offer at Otter Things. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may have seen a pic of me in an otter nose face mask. I am still testing the product, but I hope to have them available in my shop soon.

Otter Nose Face Mask

I have recently released pillows to my product line as well, and they are perfect for adding a little otter humor to your home. Consider adding one of my new It’s An Otter Thing Mugs too

Just because there’s a little pandemonium going on in the world, there’s no need to stop loving otters.

This is especially true since International Otter Day (May 27, 2020) is approaching fast. Luckily, we don’t have to leave our homes to celebrate. Consider donating to tour favorite otter organization, posting otter memes, or purchasing something with otters on it and showing it off on social media.

As usual, you otter be keeping safe and well. Cheers!

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