New Design for World Otter Day

Currently, there are thirteen species of otters worldwide. All of them are monitored and five of the thirteen are endangered. World Otter Day (International Otter Awareness Day) is a day to celebrate otters around the world. Held on the last Wednesday of May, you can spend the day visiting otters in the zoo, reading about otters, or donating to the International Otter Survival Fund. Here at Otter Things™, I decided to release a new design for the otter fan.

Otter Things™ has a presence on social media and I do my best to post often. Like many, I use emojis and emoticons in posts but I couldn’t find any of an otter. I realized that otters weren’t represented in the character world like cats, dogs, or even unicorns :(.

My new design is great for those that <3 otters. Emottercon is a play on the word emoticon (a representation of a facial expression created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email) and the illustration of an otter using various font characters.

I just couldn’t wait until the end of May to release this design, so you can buy yours starting today. Now you have a great t-shirt to wear while you celebrate World Otter Day. I’ll be showing mine off on Twitter and Facebook. I’d love for you to post pics as well.

Have a Happy World Otter Day.

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