Otter Things in Europe

Some of my designs have been available outside of the United States due to my accounts with CafePress and Zazzle. Since I am slowly working away from those outlets and focusing more on my own site, it was difficult for customers to purchase products in other countries. This will change.

Printful, the company that prints my products, has recently opened a new facility in Riga, Latvia. This would allow me to fulfill orders in the EU easier than before. So for all you otter lovers in German, England, or elsewhere in Europe, you will benefit from this new option for Otter Things.

Printing across the pond will eliminate customs duties for EU member states and speed up transit times for your orders. These were concerns that I wanted to address before I started offering sales outside the U.S.

The product line available for this facility is limited at this time. As soon as they begin printing more products that I offer on Otter Things, I will transition the store to accept international sales.

My little otter is eager to see the world and I think Europe might be a wonderful destination to start.

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