Something’s Coming in May

Otter Swimming Toward Camera Buffalo Zoo

World Otter Day is the last Wednesday in May, and Otter Things is partnering up with some special friends. The Buffalo Zoo is home to the otters, Rascal, Ellie, and Daisy, and they need some extra special care from otter lovers just like you.

History of the Zoo

The Buffalo Zoological Gardens was established in 1875 and is the third-oldest institution of its kind in the United States.

The Buffalo Zoo

Home to a remarkably diverse collection of animals within its compact 23.5-acre footprint, the zoo promotes wildlife conservation through up-close animal encounters, engaging educational experiences, and participation in regional and international programs for endangered species.

Meet the Gang

Our special resident otters live in the Otter Creek exhibit constructed in 2004. The multi-level landscaping with its large swimming pond offers lots of space to play.

Otters at the Buffalo Zoo

Rascal (14), Ellie (16), and Daisy (16) have a cozy area behind the scenes to retreat and relax as well. Here, the zookeepers use positive reinforcement to train the trio and perform daily health checks.

These active creatures build up quite an appetite romping, swimming, and sliding. Each otter eats about two pounds (one kilogram) of food a day. In the wild, otters would have to hunt for their food, but in the zoo, the keepers provide LOTS of enrichment by hiding their food in containers that require a little problem-solving.

Fun Fact: Otters can learn from each other when solving puzzles.

Shop and Donate

Otter Things is celebrating World Otter Day by donating a portion of our proceeds to the Buffalo Zoo’s otters. During May, 10% of every purchase will provide Rascal, Ellie, and Daisy with additional care, enrichment, and tasty meals.

See how easy it is to celebrate otters! Buy some otter wares and show how much you care.

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