Who Nose When It Will Be Over?

Even though things may be improving with our pandemic, many people want to play it safe and continue wearing masks. Well, hey, if you otter wear a mask, why not make it one of ours? Our new Otter Nose Face Masks are stinking cute and just the thing for when you want a little coverage.


We took our time looking for something comfortable to wear and wash as needed. After researching many companies that flooded the market, we found just what we were looking for—the comfortable fit and shape contours to your face without feeling constricting. The soft double-layered quilted face mask with elastic fitting is made from breathable fabric in four sizes and is machine and dryer safe.

You may be thinking we are a little late to the game, but we wanted to run these masks through some paces. The whole Otter Things family wore them for many months, and everyone agreed that they were the most comfortable. We are offering a limited supply at the moment because, ultimately, we hope we won’t need masks much longer, but we can easily provide more.

So if you feel the need to mask up, consider an Otter Things mask. Who nose? You might bring a smile to others who see you.

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